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LiveAndDare Meditation Programs


Practical. Gradual. Transformational.

Master Your Mind Beginners

Start a daily meditation habit in the simplest possible way.

Learn to enjoy your practice.

Master Your Mind Intermediate

Find the best meditation technique for you.

Develop ten personal qualities. 

Limitless Life


The full meditation program covering the Three Pillars of Meditation. Includes all courses.


Become Calm, Centered and Focused.

Calm and Free

Your first steps to beating anxiety. Learn three simple and powerful techniques.

Deep Sleep

Is your mind keeping you up at night, or affecting your sleep?

Learn to sleep like a baby. 

Limitless Life

The complete meditation program for living anxiety-free. Includes access to all courses.


Live Bold and Free. Achieve Your Goals.

Letting Go,

Letting Be

Free yourself from your past.

Release regret, resentment, shame and guilt.

Overcome Fear

of Failure

Stop letting fear hold you back from taking action, living fully, and creating your dream life.

Self-Discipline Coaching

Develop the #1 trait needed to accomplish your goals, live healthy, and find fulfillment.


Find True Peace, Happiness and Meaning.

Master Your Mind


Find the best meditation for your spiritual growth. Develop spiritual qualities for your path, such as trust, bliss, wisdom, humility and non-attachment.

Spiritual Coaching


Develop and integrate your spiritual practice in a balanced way, so that other aspects of your life don't suffer. Clear confusions and doubts.



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