Deep Sleep

Feel Renewed, Rested and Well

Do you wake up feeling well rested, refreshed, and relaxed? Or tired, irritable and edgy?


Are you tired of rolling in bed, agonizing about not being able to fall asleep, and being unable to turn off your mind?


Do you feel that lack of quality sleep might be preventing you from making the right decisions, and showing up as your best self?

Sleep is an essential element for our physical health, performance, and psychological well-being. Having enough of it makes everything else easier in life; lacking quality sleep makes everything else more difficult.


It’s a force multiplier, so to speak.

“But I just can’t fall asleep!”

Nowadays most of us don’t get enough sleep every night—or if we do, it is shallow and restless, so we wake up still tired.

Is this a problem for you too? Do you often…

  • Go to bed with the intention of falling asleep…. but instead we roll from side to side for hours?
  • Wake up during the night, and have a hard time falling asleep again, or getting to that "sweet spot"?
  • Feel tired no matter how many hours you've slept?
  • Struggle with fully letting go of your day and turning off your mind?

If so, then learning how to get quality sleep every night can be a game changer for you!

With less than enough sleep, the quality of our day, decisions, relationships, and well-being all suffer. It is one problem, but it has many consequences in different areas of our life.

You are not alone in this. It’s estimated that around 30% of of the population suffers from some type of insomnia or sleep deprivation. And insomnia doesn’t mean only our inability to fall asleep—it includes difficulty in falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up too early. All of this contributes to poor quality rest, and all the bad things that come from it.

Many of us are thus living at a sub-optimal level. Like a mobile phone constantly in the red, in desperate need of a full recharge.

No wonder it can feel like we are dragging ourselves through the morning, relying on coffee to function well, and feeling irritable for no apparent reason!

There is a lot of scientific research showing the negative effects of sleep deprivation in our lives. And “sleep deprivation” doesn’t mean only not getting enough hours of sleep—but also not getting enough quality sleep. If our sleep is restless, shallow, and easily interrupted, we also may suffer some of these negative effects.

Here is what lack of sleep does to you:

1. Physical Health

  • Greater risk of heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's
  • Increases inflammation and the risk of certain types of cancer
  • Weakens your immune system
  • Decreases the ability of your body to repair itself
  • Shortens your life span (sleep quality is a marker of biological youth)
  • Compromises your ability to heal and recover

2. Mental Health

  • Increases the chances of having depression
  • Increases the chances of having anxiety
  • Increased likelihood of bad temper and emotional rollercoasters
  • Decreases motivation and mental clarity
  • Speeds up cognitive decline
  • Compromises your ability to heal and recover

3. Performance, Work and Learning

  • Reduces alertness and shortens your attention span
  • Makes it harder to concentrate
  • Shortens reaction time
  • Increases the chance of making mistakes
  • Weakens your memory (the brain consolidates memories in sleep)
  • Decreases your ability to learn and solve problems creatively

4. Life and Wellbeing

  • Increases irritability and aggression
  • Increases the likelihood of getting mentally “stuck” on one thought
  • Contributes to poorer judgment, leading to bad decisions and regret
  • Reduces empathy, leading to poorer relationships and communication
  • Makes you more clumsy in general
  • Lowers sex drive and fertility

As you can see, sleep is essential to keep us alive, fully functional, and well. It is an essential pillar of health and vitality. It’s pretty hard to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled in life when the base of our energy and rest is not working well.

But what to do when you want to sleep and yet you just can’t?

Life Can Be Different!

Now imagine a different scenario.

You wake up in the morning after an uninterrupted night of good sleep.Your body feels relaxed, at ease, and light. Your mind feels clear, expanded, and ready for a new day.​

The last thing you remember is resting your head on your pillow, and then completely blanking out a few moments after—as if you pressed the reset button in your brain.​

During the day you feel a good level of energy. Your mental faculties are sharp. You experience less irritation and less negative emotions in general. You are present, aware, and available for yourself and others. You feel stronger in your body, and comfortable under your own skin.​

What if every day could be like that? That is what good sleep can do for you—charging you back to 100%.

What if you woke up feeling like this every morning?​

Getting a night of uninterrupted deep sleep is not a lottery; nor does it depend only on “lucky genes” and a good environment.

Deep sleep is a skill that can be learned. Your environment and lifestyle habits play a role—but there is much more to it than that. Whatever be your circumstances, there is something you can do today to start getting better sleep. And that something is going to be different things for different people.

Things That Don't Work So Well...

If anything on this page has resonated with you so far, then you probably have tried to fix the sleep problem one way or another.

First, you may have tried ignoring the problem. Doing nothing about it, hoping that it will go away on its own. Maybe it’s just a problem in this phase in your life? You hope that it will pass once you... move houses / get that promotion / sort out your relationship / get a nanny, etc.

Some external life situations may trigger a sleep problem for us, but there is no guarantee that the problem will go away once things change. As you may have realized already, the causes are often deeper than that, and ignoring the problem doesn’t take you very far.

Another alternative you might have tried is sleeping pills. There is no doubt that these can help in the short term—but they are an addictive, expensive and incomplete solution.

  • Addictive because once you get started, it’s hard to get off them
  • Incomplete because over time you build resistance to them, so their effect wears off
  • Expensive because they usually come with heavy costs to your health

Side effects from sleeping pills can include headaches, heartburns, constipation, dizziness, dry mouth/throat, changes in appetite, and memory problems. So resorting to sleeping pills is often like fixing one problem and creating two in its place.

A third alternative is educating yourself about how to improve your sleep environment and sleep hygiene. For that you will find all sorts of courses and books out there, but it can be hard to know who to trust.

What you may find is that you learn a lot of tips and tricks for getting better sleep, try to apply them, but are still unable to fall asleep. You may feel like you are doing everything right, but sleep still doesn’t come smoothly; or you may reject much of the advice thinking, “There is no way I could follow that! It’s unrealistic!”.

In fact, some people find that trying to follow some of the advice out there actually makes them worry more about sleep. They become hyperaware of sleep, increase their sleep anxiety, and as a result get even poorer sleep.

You may do everything right regarding sleep hygiene but still not be able to get quality sleep. Why? Because your mind is busy with stress, anxiety, and restless thoughts, and you can’t turn it off. As a result, you can’t truly relax your body either.

That’s a vicious cycle: you can’t fall asleep because you are restless and anxious, and the less sleep you get the more restless and anxious you become.

Only when these problems are addressed effectively can consistent quality sleep can happen.

I’ll say that again: you can only get real sleep once you learn how to truly relax your body, and release worries and anxiety. And, for that, I know of no better tool than meditation—which is why I made it the central piece of my Deep Sleep online course.

The Meditation Solution

Getting regular high-quality sleep is essential for your health, wellbeing, and for you to be able to show up as your best self in life.

While sleep hygiene, environment, and “quick tips” have their place, the key aspect to getting consistent deep sleep is learning how to truly relax your body and turn off your mind.

The biggest enemy of deep sleep is not an old mattress nor a heavy meal at night—it is anxiety, stress and worry. And, for that, meditation is key.

That is why I have made meditation the central pillar of this course. This is a meditation-based sleep course.

The course covers all the elements that you need in order to wake up feeling great, day after day. You will learn:

  • How to use mantra meditation as a lullaby for your mind
  • One counter-intuitive but effective way to forget the events of your day
  • The meditation technique that will leave you walking on clouds!
  • The proven 5-minute breathing that calms down any emotional agitation
  • The daily feel-good pill that has no side-effects, and puts your mind to sleep
  • How to wake up feeling great, day after day
  • Unique and rare guided meditations to drive you to sleep
  • How to avoid sleep anxiety even when sleep is not coming
  • The 5 quick tips that will help you effortlessly relax your body for sleep
  • How to take your biological rhythm from chaotic to zen master
  • All you need to know about what to do and what to avoid before sleep
  • The 4 habit-building principles that will make all these changes much easier 
  • An obscure reverse psychology trick to make your mind sleep

This is a 21-day self-paced program. The lessons are short and easy to follow. You will be taken through this transformation journey in a systematic, step-by-step manner.

There is also a private forum where you can ask me questions and interact with the community. It’s a great accountability tool too!

If your life could be better with consistent deep sleep—and it can!— then I believe you will love this course.

If for any reason you are not happy with the program, then I’ve got you covered with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Simply ask for a refund in the first month, and you will get your money back. The only thing I ask is that you have actually tried the course, and gone through at least the first eight lessons.


No guesswork needed. Zero risk.


So click the enroll button to start this journey into calm and centered! The benefits will be greater than you think.

The Foundation for Clarity and Energy​

Many things are important for us in order to live a good and happy life—meditation, good relationships, health, positive attitude, self-reflection and growth, etc. But lack of sleep is one thing which will make all of those other elements suffer.

I know from personal experience. Even though I have been meditating since like forever, if one day I’m sleep deprived, the meditation simply won’t flow well. So sleep is still a priority for me.

In fact, if you take only one thing from this page, let it be this: good sleep is important for everything—and if we are not getting it consistently, then it should be our priority to fix that.

Sleep debt is cumulative—and the interest we pay is high. The longer we delay fixing this problem, the worse it will be for us.

Why not start today?

Your future self will thank you for this.

Good Sleep, Good Life

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