Letting Go, Letting Be

Accept. Forgive. Move On.


"If only I could let go, my life would be so much better!”


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by repetitive feelings of regret, guilt, resentment, anger, sadness or frustration?


What if you could learn how to let go of your past, of negative self-talk, be at peace with yourself, and be fully available to what really matters?

Sticky Thoughts Are a Pain...

We all have sticky thoughts, feelings or memories that come in without asking permission. They are often repetitive, annoying, and sometimes even painful.


We really would rather not to have to deal with them, because they just slow us down, making us unavailable to enjoy life here and now, and draining our energy… energy that would be better focused on actualizing our dreams and aspirations.


You are hurting yourself, yet it seems you can’t help it. It feels like in some aspects you are not in control of your life. Certain sticky thoughts, memories and feelings can come up at any time, keep you busy, and make you suffer—while your life is passing through your fingers.

  • Questions you can never answer satisfactorily, like “Why did this happen…” or “What if…?
  • Never-ending replays of a past event
  • Wishful thinking (you wish your past were different, or you had acted differently, or you were a different person)
  • Feelings of victimization and fantasies of revenge
  • Resistance in accepting what has happened to you, how you acted in your past, or a future that can never happen

And you feel that you can’t let these go...


Does that sound familiar? Having sticky thoughts/feelings seems to be a universal element of our lives. It is a prison of our own making.

For some of us these are painful experiences in our past—such as an abusive family member, bullying, a bad breakup, or an unfair treatment at work. These are experiences of pain, injustice, broken expectations, and even trauma. They keep coming up again and again in the form of resentment, blame, anger, and confusion, and you don’t know what to do with them.


For others it is regret and guilt about things said or done. Perhaps you hurt others with your words and actions, feel you failed in some major area in your life, missed a valuable opportunity, or allowed something bad to happen. Now these keep coming up as negative self-talk, shame and self-criticism. You can’t seem to accept yourself and forgive yourself, and that hurts.


Or it could be that something you loved ended, or something you looked forward to in life is no longer possible. It could be a future opportunity that is no longer going to happen, the passing away of a loved one, a breakup, or a phase in your life that is coming to an end. In the place of what changed there is now a feeling of emptiness, sadness, lack of vitality, and uncertainty. You feel that there is not much hope, and you don’t know where to go next in life.


Or perhaps your mind is just stuck like a broken record in a negative thought pattern—such as self-criticism—or on beliefs and desires that no longer serve you.


Whatever it is, the situation is the same: there is a sticky thought or emotion that is unhelpful, but keeps coming back. You want to let it go, but it just feels like you can’t, like it’s impossible.

What do you need to let go of?

How are your sticky thoughts/feelings hurting you?

Why is this such a big deal?


Because in this state you are being tortured by your own mind—while your mind should actually be your best friend.


These sticky thoughts and feelings are taking a lot of your energy, time, and headspace, without producing anything but pain. They go on and on day after day, like a broken record. As a result, you cannot really live in the moment, cannot fully enjoy your life, and have less energy to dedicate to what really matters to you. It even negatively affects your relationships and those around you.


You want to bring things to a close, and stop this madness, but at times these thoughts and memories seem to be stronger than you, and you may feel you can’t do much about them. You feel like you can't break free.


But that is not true. It is always possible to let go, if you use the right tools and approach. And life can be so much better once you do.

Life Can Be Different!


What would your life be like if you could actually let go of your sticky thoughts and feelings, accept things as they are, and forgive?

Imagine how it would feel to wake up every day with a blank slate. Your past has been healed and integrated, and is no longer weighing you down. Your energy is here and now, available for living ife in the moment, engaging positively with people, and walking the path toward your goals.


You feel light and open, as if a bunch of dead weight has been thrown out. Your vision is clearer. There is less stress in your body, and you also feel healthier, since you have let go of many negative emotions that were poisoning you.


You have options you didn’t even know existed, because you have now taken greater control over your mind and life. Your past doesn’t define you anymore; it doesn’t hold you back.


You may still not be happy with some things that happened, but you have learned the lessons and changed your relationship with your past. You have moved on, and finally feel at peace with yourself. You are available for life in the present, to be who you want to be.


Things may not always go according to your expectations, but you learn from them and move on much more quickly. And, when negative thoughts or strong emotions come up as a past habit, you know exactly how to deal with them, in a gentle but effective way.


You know how to accept yourself, and accept what life brings you. You have learned to forgive others, forgive yourself, and be grateful for whatever life brings.


Life feels simpler, your mind feels cleaner, and it even seems like you have more time—since you are less busy with needless thoughts and negative feelings.

Your attachments are like weights in a hot air balloon: the more weight you let go of, the higher you can fly. Not only that, but you cease to suffer needlessly, and end up enjoying the ride more as well.


Letting go allows you to focus on building yourself and your future, rather than trying to figure out your past, re-live your suffering, and criticize yourself for all the wrong things you did, and how you could be better.


Letting go is a possibility for you right now.

But Letting Go Can Be Challenging...

Okay, so there are things you need to let go of. And you know that once you do, you’ll feel so much better.


But how to do it?


You might have tried many things, and none of them worked 100%. Perhaps you bought a book, read some blog posts, watched YouTube videos about it, or even went to a seminar—but those resources only addressed part of the problem, and you still can’t seem to let go.

You might have tried to convince yourself a thousand times of why you should let go, but it seems that the thoughts are sticking to you, and not you to them. They feel like invisible shackles. You wonder if deep down you have a resistance toward letting go, or are secretly sabotaging the process.


You might have unconsciously sought distraction or relief from the pain of those emotions, through things like chocolate, Netflix, alcohol, or bad habits. They seem to work well—but only for a few minutes. After that you are back to square one, and may now have to deal with negative side effects of those coping mechanisms.


You might have picked up a meditation practice as a way to help you let go. That is definitely an important aspect of the process, but it’s not enough. You try to just watch the thoughts and let them pass, and you can do that with some thoughts. But when those sticky thoughts and feelings come, it’s another story. No matter how much you let them pass, they just keep coming without an end.


You might have tried making a strong decision to let go and move on, only to find that resolution dissolving into nothingness the next day, as you continue to ruminate on the same thoughts. It’s like your mind doesn’t obey you, but rather follows its own whims.


Finally, you might have tried blaming others or yourself—only to discover that blame doesn’t help. It keeps you stuck because it distracts your attention from doing the personal work that would really fix the problem. It keeps you a victim, and being a victim is painful.


Letting go is not always simple or easy. Even though we are suffering from our attachments, we find it really hard to let them go. It’s because we are believing so many lies about what letting go is! Or simply because we haven’t been taught the right tools, in the right way.


Until today.

Letting Go, Letting Be online course

The ability to let go, accept and move on has served me tremendously in all areas of my life. I cannot imagine how my life would be without it. Yet I realize that letting go is one of the main challenges for most people I talk to.


That is why I’ve decided to put together everything that I’ve learned about letting go, all the tools I developed and refined over the years, into a 3-week online course, so that you can also master this aspect of your life. The lessons are short, easy to follow, and highly practical—and you can access it all through the web or through the iPhone app.

Without spending thousands of dollars on endless therapy and coaching, you can now learn all the tools you need at your own pace, from the comfort of your home, and with my personal support in a private forum. This course includes meditation techniques, mindfulness and personal growth exercises, and wisdom teachings to help you let go and live life more on your own terms.


You will learn how to:

  • Know for sure when to let go, and when to hold on
  • Generate the energy and clarity needed to actually let go
  • Release blame and take back control over your life
  • Stop sabotaging yourself and truly be ready to move on
  • Use fail-proof techniques to bring things to a closure for you
  • Awaken your “inner fire” with special breathing exercises
  • Create the space you need in your life to figure things out and start again
  • Guide yourself to the point where letting go is your only option
  • Forgive yourself, letting go of regret, guilt, and negative self-talk
  • Forgive other people, letting go of resentment and anger
  • Develop compassion for yourself and others
  • Accept what you cannot change in yourself and in your life, and be at peace
  • Make a permanent resolution for letting go
  • Integrate your personal wounds so they become your personal superpowers
  • Find the hidden gift in whatever happens to you in life
  • Let go of the old without leaving a void behind, but rather finding out what’s next for you in life
  • Develop the meditative practice of witnessing, and enjoy the freedom and peace it brings
  • Practice meditation techniques focused on letting go, such as Yoga Nidra, Inner Silence, and others
  • Deal with strong emotions, recurring memories, and repetitive thoughts
  • Use letting go as the door to a spiritual path

Sometimes it may feel like it’s impossible to let go, because the situation is so bad. But that’s not true—with the right tools you can do it. You can make that choice right now!


When a big change happens in your life, it is easy to get stuck in it for a long time. Or you can realize that this is a precious opportunity—it is the time for you to reinvent yourself (or rediscover yourself). The choices and attitudes you develop now will have deep implications for the rest of your life. Wouldn’t it be better to have the right tools and teachings to make sure you take the right steps?


This course will take you through the journey, giving you all the tools you need to fully let go of whatever sticky thoughts, feelings or memories are haunting you—and to find yourself again. I am here to support your development, shorten the path and walk with you in the right direction.


If what I have shared here has struck a chord with you, then I feel you will love the course!

So if you think that there is even the slightest chance that this course can help you, then enroll right now. This way you can try the material over the next 30 days, and see if it’s right for you.


No guesswork needed. Zero risk.


It’s time to choose your present and future over your past—it’s time to choose yourself.


The result will be transformational. Your future self will thank you for this.

The Time is Now

Everyone has something they need to let go of. Learning to let go is an essential skill for living a good and happy life—because it gives you the power to focus on what really matters, and stop suffering needlessly.


The sooner you master letting go, the better

Whatever you focus on grows and becomes a reality for you. It shapes your mind, your way of seeing things, your choices and the destiny that you create for yourself. So being able to let go of what no longer serves you, and focus on what you want to create, is perhaps the most important skill in personal growth. Otherwise you’ll keep creating for yourself the things that you least want in life.

Life is uncertain, and we will always be faced with unexpected, undesirable and unfair situations. As a result, again and again we find ourselves struggling with some sticky thoughts, memories or feelings.


The cost of not learning the art of letting go is repeated suffering, lost opportunities, and being stuck. Once you learn the trick of letting go, then things can only hurt you once in life.


It is your choice to learn how to deal with it, and move through life more smoothly, or to be bogged down by sticky feelings each time they arise.


You have a choice. Always.

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