Limitless Life Program

Build your daily meditation practice.
Discover the best techniques for you.
Transform your mind and daily life.

Imagine what it would feel like to have

greater control over your mind and life.

To know how to always feel calm, centered,

and focused no matter what.

To be able to let go of things, overcome

negative mental states, and
master the inner chatter.


Imagine feeling like nothing can disturb you. Everything feels like it's in the right place. You feel peaceful, and yet full of energy and purpose. Life's good—and meaningful.

But you also know how the opposite feels...


When things feel overwhelming, frustrating, irritating, unpleasant, and you feel like proclaiming loudly with your fist thrown up towards the sky “why is this happening!”

I have good news for you. There is a reliable, and simple, path to go from one state to the other. It’s meditation!

I’m here to help you get the most out of your meditation practice.

The path for this transformation is simple: 

  • Develop a strong daily meditation practice

  • Discover the most powerful technique for you

  • Master your mind (and life) by applying the skills of meditation

What Members Are Saying

- The benefits of this program -

Wellbeing & Mental Health

Alex Zdankowicz

I created a daily meditation habit to help manage anxiety related to COVID. I feel more grounded and less reactive.

Dana Carley

I needed meditation to deal with the worries and anxiety about my alcoholic son. I'm can now accept things better.

Cédric J. F.

I struggle with anxiety and grief. I've tried other meditation apps such as Headspace, but none helped as much as this.

Velvet Archibeque

Can now better manage depression, anxiety and BPD. Improved my relationships. I'ms now more aware and hopeful. 

Maria Gutierrez

Overcame depression. I'm now feeling happier inside myself. Meditation helped "save my marriage". 

Michaela Forder

I struggles with depression. The program taught me to be kinder with myself. I now have more hope for the future.

Personal & Spiritual Growth

Rajesh Raman

Loved that the program teaches many different styles of meditation and helps us practice independently.

The program was helpful for managing anxiety and having support in my spiritual journey. (Intermediate meditator)

Kevin Stephensen

Limitless Life enabled me to let go of a painful and traumatic past. I'm now feeling more whole. Truly life changing!

Mónik De La Mata Martín

Overcame my resistance with meditation, and developed a daily practice that I now enjoy and am engaged with.

Simrann Anand

Helped me deal with OCD and anxiety. The program enabled me to overcome hatred and jealously towards his first wife.

Joseph Moncayo

Helped me heal childhood traumas and PTSD, let go of resentment, regain my spirituality, and be at peace.

Better Life & Fulfillment

Carolina Panoff

The program is helping me exercise my willpower muscle, become aware of self-sabotage, and have a powerful daily ritual

Alida Baron

I now experience more peace and calmness. My memory also improved. I feel I have become more balanced in relationships.

Carol Matz

My creativity as a composer has improved, and stress levels are way down. I feel calmer and happier in my life.

Zeinab Muhamed

I am feeling calmer and more patient with my kids. There are fewer arguments with my husband. I'm less reactive.

Randi Brown

I have MS, and struggled with feelings of low self-worth. This course was powerful for me. It's flexible, organised, and deep.

Simon Lavers

I've seen tremendous change in my life. I feel more at ease, uplifted and energized. I now have a good morning routine.

Meditation won't work without these three things

Nowadays everybody knows that meditation has incredible benefits, yet very few people actually experience all of those benefits consistently.

Why? (Hint: It’s not lack of information)

It’s not enough that something is a good idea (just like how you know that skipping sugar and exercising daily is probably a good idea). You have to do it consistently and in the right way.

And that means having the Three Pillars of Meditation. 

    If you want meditation to "work" for you, and really have an impact in your life, you need these three elements. They are the foundation.


    • Without Three Pillars —> Superficial practice —> superficial benefits
    • With the Three Pillars —> Deep meditation practice —> deep benefits


    The problem is, it's not easy to develop the Three Pillars on your own. You need a step-by-step system, and the support of a teacher and community.


    Otherwise it's easy to get lost in the sea of information about meditation, not know exactly how to move forward, and miss out on all the benefits.


    For example, when you search “meditation” on Google, there are...

    443 million results

    Where do you even start?


    Without accountability, building a daily meditation habit can be tough. 


    Without a system, learning all of this on your own can be overwhelming.


    Without a teacher, finding out the best meditation technique for you would be difficult and time-consuming.


    Practicing meditation is a little bit like keeping fit: it's one thing to buy the weights to exercise alone at home; and another thing to join the gym, go to regular classes, and receive personalised guidance.

    If you don't have that, it's easy to waste your time, or even—like lifting those weights by yourself at home—to hurt yourself.

    Dabbling in Meditation?

    Do you feel that meditation has a lot more to offer than you currently get from it? I believe that is why you are here...


    You are not alone. I've helped thousands of people in a similar situation.

    Meet Lisa.

    • Lisa has started feeling more stressed at work, and confides in her friends that she’s struggling with more and more negative thoughts and feelings, like fear, self-doubt, overwhelm, and sometimes even depression and anxiety.

      She knows there’s more to life than feeling this way. She wants to grow as a person, to feel more at peace with herself, more comfortable in her own skin, and maybe even bring more spirituality into her life.

      Sometimes she feels hopeless and tempted to “give up”, because there doesn’t seem to be a clear path forward. It's just easier to numb out in front of Netflix or kill time scrolling through social media.

      But there’s a glimmer of hope.

      Lisa’s friends start telling her all the amazing things that have started happening to them once they really got into meditation. She is convinced, and decides that she wants to start meditating too.

      She has tried meditating on her own several times, followed some free guided meditations, downloaded some of the most popular meditation apps, but nothing really "stuck".

      When she would meditate, it would sometimes feel pretty relaxing, but she can tell there’s a lot more she could get out of it if she could just get into the habit of meditating more regularly and find a way to go deeper.

      She keeps trying to find the time to meditate a little bit each day, but quietly feels more and more frustrated and guilty that she can’t seem to make a habit out of it.


      She’s not even sure if she’s doing it right.

    For Lisa, there seems to be much more to meditation than what she currently experiences. And yet she can't find a clear path forward.


    Does that feel at all familiar?


    I can’t blame you! I was there too. For many years...

    It’s such a pity because meditation has a lot to offer, but without the right structure, guidance and support, you can’t really benefit from it.


    Maybe you are struggling with negative mental states such as fear, self-doubt, low self-esteem, depression and anxiety; or you want to grow in your life, feel more at peace with yourself, or develop spiritually.


    You might have tried meditation, but it didn’t have the effect you expected, so you suspect you were doing it wrong. You didn't have the right type of support or system, and no clear path forward.


    Please don't lose hope. It's simply because you didn't have a system. You didn't have the Three Pillars of Meditation.

    Practicing The Three Pillars of Meditation

    Meditation is not hard. Not if you learn it with the support of a step-by-step system, a teacher, and a community.

    Many years ago I was just like Lisa—I knew meditation was gold, but wasn’t able to take full advantage of it. I had to do it the hard way: I read over 200 books on the topic, met many teachers of different traditions, tried over 70 techniques, went on several retreats, and almost became a monk.


    It took time until all the pieces of the puzzle were assembled.

    But the good news is that you don’t need to go through all that trouble. You can tap into my nearly two decades of experience practicing, researching and teaching meditation.


    And I've made things even easier for you. I've put all of that knowledge and experience into this online program, Limitless Life, which will guide you step by step through the Three Pillars of Meditation:

    This program is a collection of online courses, guided meditations, and video classes. It comes with my personal daily support in the private forums.


    It also includes access to a community of conscious individuals who, like yourself, who want to make meditation a bigger part of their life.


    Limitless Life is not just an online course—something you buy, go through once, and then forget about it. 


    It is a Membership, a place of ongoing learning, growth and practice. It's something that becomes part of your new life.

    Thriving in Meditation

    Now, meet Mary.​

    • After a few months of living the Limitless Life, she wakes up with a smile, ready to take on the day. She feels calm, relaxed, and focused—like never before.

      Even when things around her get a little crazy… there is still a sense that everything is okay.

      It's like there is a steady ocean of peace beneath the hurricane of modern life.

      When things go wrong—whether it’s her boss yelling at her or her kids using permanent markers on the walls (again)—she’s able to create mental space, to pause, instead of overreacting like she used to, and later regretting it.

      She feels incredible gratitude for everything around her, even though her external life hasn’t really changed all that much.

      People are also starting to see the difference. Her husband tells her how much more she smiles, recently. Her coworkers have noticed how she is now more present, exmpowered and centered.

      The best part? It doesn’t take too much work for Mary to keep it up.

      Now meditation comes very naturally for her, and the time she invests in herself by meditating feels like the best time of the day!


      She knows her ideal style of meditation—the one that gets her the best results—and she has all the tools she needs to feel in control of her life.

      No matter what life might throw at her, she’s confident she will always be able to handle it.

    I have seen this shift happen with many meditators.


    From beginners who were struggling to get started to intermediate meditators who had plateaued and wanted to go deeper.


    You too can have this shift in your practice—and in your life. The payoff for it is huge. You will experience, among other things, these benefits:

    If you want meditation to be a bigger part of your life,

    so you can really enjoy all its benefits,

    then join Limitless Life right now to develop

    the Three Pillars of Meditation step-by-step.

    Get started with only 10 minutes a day!

    What Members Are Saying

    "I was feeling extremely unhappy and anxious. After taking the Limitless Life courses my sense of wellbeing increased, and stress levels went down.


    I am now more energetic and creative, and can find joy in the small things of life. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Giovanni’s teachings have literally changed my life, and in a short period of time."


    Carol Harrison

    "I learned that I’m not my thoughts, but the observer of my thoughts. That is very powerful for me, because it positions me in a place of power in relation to my thinking. With that I know I can develop greater control over my mind and life."


    Michael McGill-Davis

    "I’ve been dealing with a terrible anxiety and PTSD—and medication was not helping.


    Giovanni's meditation course has made quite a difference in my life. It has helped me with pain management, anxiety and depression. I found a calmness within me that I didn’t know existed, and now there is a sense of peace that seems to follow me through the day."


    Kristie Stailey

    "These techniques have helped me stay more grounded and emotionally balanced. Giovanni's lessons been transformative for me. I no longer feel like a passenger in my life, but more like the driver."


    Teranderose Russell

    Limitless Life Program



    The easiest way to start a daily practice,
    discover the best technique for you,

    master your mind, and master your life.

    Join now to get the 1 USD Trial


    One of the things that's unique about this program is that it makes it easy for you to develop the Three Pillars of Meditation (Habit, Technique, Transformation).


    This is the missing piece between where you are in your practice right now, and all the benefits it can give you.

    It is the key to develop a meditation practice that is both enjoyable and effective.

    But Limitless Life doesn’t stop there—it also gives you other tools that allow you to take your personal growth to the next level.

    Meditation is only the first step.

    Most meditation books, courses and apps out there just throw a bunch of stand-alone meditations at you, and then "good luck!".


    They lack this structured and practical approach, that will actually help you deepen your practice, and achieve your goals. Often they dumb things down, and a lot of the depth of meditation is lost along the way.

    • Superficial practice leads to superficial results, and no real change.
    • Deep practice leads to deep results, and real self-transformation.

    Limitless Life is structured to guide you toward this deeper aspect of meditation practice. And that is why it's much more than a meditation course, or a collection of guided meditations.

    Limitless Life is a tribe. A community of conscious people committed to living with wisdom and awareness.

    It is an invitation into a new way of living. A movement from scattered life to centered life. From automatic living to conscious living. From anxious to calm and empowered.

    How is this program different?

    What members say:

    "As a mom with three kids, things can get quite chaotic... I was using the Headspace app, but wanted to go deeper. Giovanni’s program was incredibly helpful. Now meditation is the way I start my day. This is the quiet time that I really needed."

    Mindi Rosser

    "I’ve purchased a number of meditation programs online, along with a bunch of books and even learned TM at Maharishi University. None of them compares with the impact of your course.  I’m feeling very grateful to have found you."

    Curt Tresrite

    "I’ve been teaching meditation for the last 20 years. Nevertheless, I’ve learned a huge amount from Giovanni’s work. It’s incredibly comprehensive. He not only teaches you meditation, but also explains how to integrate it into your daily life."

    Justyn Comer


    LiveAndDare mobile app

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    The Meditation Shortcut

    If you were to try to figure this all out by yourself, it would take you a lot of time, frustration, energy, and also money. If you have that amount of time, patience and self-discipline—then go for it!

    Otherwise if you want a shortcut, then come join us on Limitless Life.

    You don't need to waste a lot of time figuring meditation out.

    You don’t need to do this alone.

    The path forward can be quite simple.

    Meditation has made a tremendous difference in my life. And I know that with the right guidance and support, it can make a huge difference for you too.


    Now you have two options: 

    1. Leave it "for later", and keep things as they are. (Nothing will change)
    2. Become a Limitless Life membermake meditation a deeper part of your life, and reap the benefits. 


    These are two different paths, leading to two very different lives.


    Which decision will your future self thank you for?

    Included Courses

    (Total value $1,400 USD)

    Start a daily meditation practice in the simplest possible way.

    Begin with as little as 3 minutes a day, and build the self-discipline of a daily habit.

    Learn how to: practice 5 key styles of meditation, integrate mindfulness in daily life, and enjoy your practice.

    What Members Are Saying

    My attempts at meditation in the past were haphazard in many ways. Discovering Giovanni’s exceptional courses has been a game changer for me—by far one of the most important milestones in my life.

    His approach is very secular and practical, and he really helped me experience the most extraordinary feelings of joy, and bring a sense of calmness to those around me. This was powerful and transformational. You have inspired me beyond measure.


    Liz Malcolm

    was confused about how to get started with meditation and which technique to choose, until I found Giovanni’s course. The program was easy to follow, and every day I had a taste of success. Now I meditate every day, have more pauses in my day, and am less reactive than before.


    Michael Soguero

    Giovanni's meditation teachings produced more results for me in five weeks than the previous 30 years of haphazard guesswork. I couldn’t have done this on my own, and I had tried for several years. His course changed my whole attitude upon life in general, and brought a sense of effortless peace into my days.


    Daniel Weeks

    I’ve dealt with severe depression and anxiety. I tried therapy and medications but nothing worked like meditation. With Limitless Life, I’ve found my path. The courses went far beyond my expectations, and taught me to master my mind more efficiently.


    Chiara Pani

    Giovanni's course is put together SO well. Better than any other meditation course or holistic seminar I’ve done so far


    Chantel Stuki

    Join Limitless Life