Limitless Life Program

Overcome anxiety and stress.

Become calm, centered and focused.

"My mind often annoys me with useless thoughts, fears and worries. It holds me back from fully enjoying my life, and achieving my goals."

Through the power of meditation you can master the mind chatter, live without anxiety, and find contentment and peace wherever you are.

If you want to go from anxious or stressed to calm, centered, and focused, meditation is the key.

But for it to fully work, it needs to be done daily, using the right technique, and being well integrated in your life.

I’ve helped many people go through this shift, and I’m here to support your transformation too.

It is worth it.

It is achievable.

Read this page carefully, and you will find out how.

Transformation is Possible

I’ve been dealing with a terrible anxiety and PTSD—and medication was not helping. Giovanni's course has made quite a difference in my life. It has helped me with pain management, anxiety and depression. I found a calmness within me that I didn’t know existed, and now there is a sense of peace that seems to follow me through the day.


Kristie Stailey

I learned that I’m not my thoughts, but the observer of my thoughts. That is very powerful for me, because it positions me in a place of power in relation to my thinking. With that I know I can develop greater control over my mind and life.


Michael McGill-Davis

"I was feeling extremely unhappy and anxious. After taking the Limitless Life courses my sense of wellbeing increased, and stress levels went down. I am now more energetic and creative, and can find joy in the small things of life. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Giovanni’s teachings have literally changed my life, and in a short period of time."


Carol Harrison

"These techniques have helped me stay more grounded andemotionally balanced. Giovanni's lessons been transformative for me. I no longer feel like a passenger in my life, but more like the driver."


Teranderose Russell

How Is Anxiety Showing Up in Your Life?

Some people think that “anxiety” is what you have if you can’t function in life, can’t leave home, are constantly paralyzed by fear, and need medication just to be able to live kind of normally.


That is only one of the faces of anxiety, in its most debilitating form.


In a broader sense, anxiety is a very common mental pattern that affects over 460 million people in the world. It’s a challenge to be overcome in our journey as a human being.


Here is another way that anxiety can show up:

  • I wake up in the morning to the sound of my alarm clock. Cannot believe that it’s time to get up already… I feel tired and demotivated, as if I have barely slept.

  • The last thing I remember is rolling on my bed again and again, trying to fall asleep, while my mind is spinning fast with all sorts of nonsense.

  • I don’t want to wake up right now. There are many challenges waiting for me, and I don’t know what to do. Stuff I have to figure out…

  • Meanwhile I unlock my phone, and start scrolling through the news, and my social feeds. That just makes things worse! Is the world really falling apart? Is everyone else having a better life?

  • I worry about my financial situation, my mortgage, my appearance, and my health habits. I think about my relationship, and how it may fall apart and leave me broken. I ask myself if I’m about to lose my job, and if I’m in the right place in life after all.

  • There is sometimes a sense of guilt that I’m not being the best parent I can be. And also regret for not going after my goals consistently. This is not how I expected things to turn out for me, and I know I’m missing out on a lot. I just don’t know what to do about it.

  • Ah, and I will soon need have that difficult conversation at work. I find myself repeatedly rehearsing it in my mind, and wondering what people will think of me.

  • As I do that, I can feel a sense of tightness in my chest and shoulders, and a knot in my stomach. My heartbeat goes up. My mouth is dry. It doesn’t feel good.

  • This background noise of worry, stress and anxiety has been there for a while now. I’m not really enjoying where I am in life, and I rarely feel a sense of fulfilment at the end of my day.

  • I know that a lot of this doesn’t make much sense, and that many of my fears are irrational. But still I can’t stop it. It’s like my mind has a life of its own, and it doesn’t listen to me!

  • What’s wrong with me? Will this ever go away, or is it just the way I am wired?

  • [The alarm goes off again.]

  • If I could I’d call in sick, come up with an excuse, and take a day off to myself—to avoid all this mess. But even if I do that, my mind will not cut me any slack, so I’d better just get going and get busy with my day. Perhaps it will go away by itself...

  • — Diary of an anxious human

Does any of that sound familiar at all?


Perhaps you struggle with similar challenges, but nobody can tell. They think that you’ve got it all together. But inside you know that you are walking on thin ice. Simple things are not so easy anymore, and every day takes a lot of effort. You’re not really happy.


If any of that resonates, keep on reading.

Anxiety in Disguise

It is possible to live without anxiety. And, once you fully understand the consequences of anxiety, you will have the needed fuel to overcome it.


We know the physical symptoms that may come up with anxiety: the heartbeat goes up, you may sweat or have a dry mouth, and there is tension in your body (usually chest and shoulders). Some also feel a knot in their stomach, dizziness, or agitated breathing.


However, the mental and emotional symptoms can be harder to detect, as anxiety can show up in disguise. So let’s now pull down the curtains and understand this better. Having full clarity about the problem is the first step in solving it.


Anxiety is often at the root of the following problems:



Anxiety triggers feelings of discomfort and fear in certain circumstances. To escape that you avoid or procrastinate, thinking, “I better not go”, “I don’t need to say that”, or “yes, I’ll do it later”.



Anxiety may prompt you to constantly doubt yourself, feel that you are not good enough. It makes you overestimate the “dangers” out there, and underestimate your capacity to deal with the adversities of life.

Lack of Focus


When your mind is busy with so many thoughts, it is hard to make it focus on a single task for any amount of time. Your work performance suffers, and also your ability to be present in your relationships.

Stress / Tension


Stress is often the cause of anxiety; but anxiety further spins the wheel of stress. Our own mind becomes a big source of stress in our life. Tension in your body is a common symptom of anxiety.

Being Stuck


It is normal to feel stuck in life when you are constantly anxious about what is going to happen. Whatever options you are considering, your mind focuses on the negative and tells you a bad story. You may feel hopeless.

Low Energy


Thinking takes energy. Anxiety wastes your energy by creating thought spirals that lead nowhere, and repeat day after day. As a result, you have less energy available for the really important things in life.

Poor Sleep


Anxiety keeps your mind busy at night, making it hard to fall asleep or sleep deeply. You may have the best night-time routine, but if you can’t relax or turn off your mind, sleep continues to elude you.

Low Self-Confidence


Anxiety makes you worry too much about your performance, what others will think of you, and what will happen. You lose confidence in yourself and in your abilities, and may feel that "I'm not enough".



When your mind is busy with anxiety, it becomes noisy and foggy. It is then harder to think clearly, see all your options, and make good decisions. As a result, you often make decisions that you later regret.



Anxiety can make you moody and less resilient. You have less space in you, because your mind is engaged with a lot of negativity. Things look worse than they actually are. You get irritated often.



The meditation masters say that “our mind is like a drunken monkey, jumping from branch to branch”. Anxiety is part of that fuel, making our energy move in a thousand directions, without a center and without rest.



Anxiety is a stressful emotional state. In order to escape it, you may engage in addictive behaviors that give you a short-lived relief from anxiety, waste your time and money, and don’t really solve anything.

Any one of the above challenges is already enough to make your life more difficult. They can affect your health, finances, work performance, and even your relationships.


If you are reading this page, you probably struggle with at least one of these challenges. I’ve been there too, and I know it sucks.


Maybe you got used to it. Maybe anxiety—although painful—became like a comfort zone for you. It’s “the hell you know”...


Please don’t do that! You are limiting yourself.


Life will be much better once you learn to overcome (or at least better manage) anxiety. It’s totally possible, and I’m here to show you how!

In summary:

  • Anxiety limits you in many ways—and it’s a bigger problem than you might know.
  • Overcoming anxiety will be a big shift in your life (more about it soon).
  • Overcoming anxiety is worth every effort. You owe it to yourself!

The Symptom of a Larger Problem

As you saw, anxiety is at the root of many challenges in our life.


And if we dig deeper, we will see that anxiety itself is the symptom of a larger problem: lack of mental and emotional fitness.


We know very well the importance of physical fitness. But most people are not fully aware of how important mental fitness really is. They don't teach that at school!


Mental fitness is even more important than physical fitness… Because if your body is healthy and strong, but your mind is suffering, then you are not well at all. You may have wealth, fame and achievements, but if your mind is not healthy, you won't be happy.


So your mind is the most important element in your life. It defines how you feel, what you do, and who you become. It determines if you are having a good day or a bad day. It is the glasses through which you see life and see yourself.

Your life is as your mind is.

Anxiety is the fat of the mind.

Meditation is the gym.

Anxiety can be overcome if you work on your mental and emotional fitness.


Just like you need good nutrition and regular exercise for your body, you also need good nutrition and regular exercise for your mind. Your mind needs a gym, so it remains fit, strong and healthy.


Wisdom is the nutrition of the mind.


Meditation is the exercise of the mind.


If you hear the call, and decide to take care of your mental fitness, then a new life is possible.

The Calm, Centered and Focused Life

    What happens if you start taking good care of yourself, of your mental and emotional fitness?

    Anxiety and stress decrease. Wellbeing and contentment increase.


    Here is what is possible... Imagine a day like this:


    • I wake up feeling well-rested and replenished, after a good night of sleep. My body feels relaxed and light.

    • The thought comes that I have some pretty challenging things coming up for me today at work. My mind goes around that a little bit, but then I decide to get up and do my short morning meditation.

    • After meditating I feel calm and clear. There is this sense of ease and flow in my body. Meditation gives me a sense of control over my mind and my life. There is this distance between me and my thoughts, so they are easier to manage.

    • This makes me feel more confident that I will be able to deal with whatever challenges show up today, because I know my strength, and trust myself. As a result, there are less things to worry about.

    • I then remember how things used to be for me. I was really not in a good place, and didn’t have a strong center—even though I could not fully see it at that time. Looking back, it feels like I was living inside a cage of my own making.

    • Now things are quite different. I’m engaged in a journey of growth and self-transformation, together with other people. I take better care of myself, have energy for my goals and priorities, and feel happier with who I am.

    • My moods are much more stable. I’m less reactive, and consistently feel better under my own skin. There is a sense of calm and contentment in the background, no matter what is going on. I’m more optimistic, and feel more in control of myself and of my life.

    • People are noticing too! They say I look more confident and centered, and they treat me differently. It seems like my presence is stronger, and there is almost like a look of admiration and surprise in their eyes. Even my partner is enjoying the changes!

    • Nowadays, even if negative thinking comes up, or if anxiety tries to raise its head, I know exactly how to deal with it. Anxiety and stress don’t define me anymore. I choose who I want to be, moment after moment.

    • — Diary of a no longer anxious human

    This type of transformation happened for me. It happened for many others.


    With the right tools, guidance and support, it can happen for you too!

    The Meditation Advantage

    You may have already spent a lot time and money trying to overcome anxiety.


    Perhaps you have tried therapy, and discovered that it's expensive, and often involves a lot of talking, but no practical tools and no lasting changed. Or maybe you even considered drugs, but gave up the idea due to the horrible side effects, and the dependency risk (each time needing more to achieve the same results).


    Allow me to show you a different way: meditation and conscious living.


    These are natural methods that positively affect your life as a whole.


    Meditation is a proven way to effectively manage anxiety. It doesn’t have the costs associated with therapy, or the side-effects of medication.


    Here are some of the ways meditation is helpful against anxiety and stress:

    There is scientific research suggesting that meditation and mindfulness are as effective as drugs in treating anxiety, depression, and chronic pain (but without those nasty side-effects!). And it doesn’t need to take too long.


    Actually, there are studies showing that a single meditation session (done right) is already effective in diminishing anxiety.


    That is why millions of people are trying meditation. In fact, many doctors and therapists are actively recommending it to people struggling with anxiety, stress and depression. I’ve helped several people who came to me to learn meditation after all other methods had failed them.

    These benefits are yours, if you are willing to dedicate some time to meditation.


    The only challenge is this: for you to fully benefit from your practice, you need to have the Three Pillars of Meditation.

    Very few people can develop these Three Pillars on their own. And if they can, it is only after a lot of effort, trial and errors, study and self-discipline. That’s just too hard for most of us.


    The good news is that there is an easier way, where you can have it all broken down for you in easy daily steps, with the support of a community and teacher (me).


    Limitless Life Program


    Overcome anxiety and stress.

    Become calm, centered and focused.

    Limitless Life is the easiest way for you to start and grow a powerful meditation practice, so that you can finally overcome anxiety and live a more calm and centered life.

    Limitless Life goes deeper than a meditation app, and it is more actionable than a book.


    Think of it as the gym membership for your mind and heart.


    It is a collection of online classes, challenges and meditations that will help you develop mental and emotional fitness, and experience all the benefits that come with it.


    What happens once you get in the Program?


    • You will begin in Phase 1 of Limitless Life (creating a daily meditation habit).
    • Every day you will receive a lesson that is short, effective, and easy to follow. The techniques integrate the wisdom of West and East, and are presented in a practical and engaging way.
    • Step by step, you will progress through the Eight Phases of the program, together with your peers, in your own pace.
    • As you move forward, you will find your ideal meditation technique, learn how to let go, develop courage, overcome your fears, and much more.
    • Ask me questions any time, and learn from the experience of other members in the forums.



    Limitless Life is more than a meditation course.


    It is a tribe. A community of conscious people committed to living with wisdom and awareness.


    It is an invitation into a new way of living. A movement from scattered life to centered life. From automatic living to conscious living. From anxious to calm and empowered.


    The process is quite simple:

    Maybe this isn’t for you.


    Maybe you want something else, or are not yet ready to begin this journey—that’s okay.


    But if this resonates, and if you see what’s possible, then I invite you to join right now.


    This program costs less than a dollar a day, and it will give you ten times more value—if it doesn’t, send me an email in 30 days and I’ll return you all your money.

    Get Started Now

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    Limitless Life Courses

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    Monthly Membership, USD.

    Limitless Life Courses

    • Meditation
    • Letting Go
    • Anxiety Management
    • Stress Management
    • Overcoming Fear
    • Deeper Sleep in 21 Days

    Individual Coaching (private)

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    More Than Just Meditation

    Limitless Life teaches more than meditation. It includes complementary tools that allow you to take your practice to the next level.

    The sad reality is: everything in our modern life is pulling us in the opposite direction.


    We live in a culture of busy-ness, stress, and shallow pursuits. We chase things that are external to us, and lost contact with ourselves and nature. As a result, life often feels meaningless, and mental health issues are on the rise.


    Anxiety is a result of all of that. Our mind—the most essential tool we have—has become our enemy.


    Meditation is the way out of this mess. It is the mind becoming your best friend!


    But for it to be effective, you need the Three Pillars of Meditation

    • Habit. Integrate meditation in your life so that you practice it every day, no matter what.

    • Technique. Find the best meditation technique for your own unique needs.

    • Transformation. Transform your mind and life by applying the superpowers of meditation.


    You can try to do that on your own, or you can join Limitless Life, and we’ll do it together.


    That’s the shortcut.

    The Shortcut

    was confused about how to get started with meditation and which technique to choose, until I found Giovanni’s course. The program was easy to follow, and every day I had a taste of success. Now I meditate every day, have more pauses in my day, and am less reactive than before.


    Michael Soguero

    Giovanni's course is put together SO well. Better than any other meditation course or holistic seminar I’ve done so far


    Chantel Stuki

    Giovanni's meditation teachings produced more results for me in five weeks than the previous 30 years of haphazard guesswork. I couldn’t have done this on my own, and I had tried for several years. His course changed my whole attitude upon life in general, and brought a sense of effortless peace and silence into my days.


    Daniel Weeks

    I’ve dealt with severe depression and anxiety. I tried therapy and medications but nothing worked like meditation. With Limitless Life, I’ve found my path. The courses went far beyond my expectations, and taught me to master my mind more efficiently.


    Chiara Pani

    My attempts at meditation in the past were haphazard in many ways. Discovering Giovanni’s exceptional courses has been a game changer for me—by far one of the most important milestones in my life.

    His approach is very secular and practical, and he really helped me experience the most extraordinary feelings of joy, and bring a sense of calmness to those around me. This was powerful and transformational. You have inspired me beyond measure.


    Liz Malcolm

    Join Limitless Life

    Anything Stopping You?

    Are any of these scripts holding you back from getting started?

    I don’t think I can meditate. 
    My mind is too busy.
    I don't have the time for it.


    As a meditation teacher, I hear these things all the time.


    The truth is, meditation doesn’t need to be hard, and it doesn’t need to take too much time.


    In fact, 10 to 15 minutes a day, done well, can already make a big difference in your life. You don’t need to sit in any difficult posture, or make a whole ritual

    around it. And it’s not about forcing your mind to be empty either.


    Meditation doesn’t require any particular talent. We all have a mind, so we all need to exercise it, and keep it healthy and strong. Meditation does exactly that.


    If you have tried meditation before and it didn’t work for you, all it means is that what you learned was not the best meditation technique for you. Or you were not taught in an engaging way. There are hundreds of different styles of meditation out there, and I will help you find the one that works best for you.


    I’m afraid that meditation will make me passive.
    I don’t want to lose my edge.


    Some meditation groups/teachings out there will indeed make you more passive and spaced out. But that is not what Limitless Life is about. Not at all!


    My goal as a practitioner and as a teacher of meditation is to promote empowered peace. That’s one of the things that is different about the way I teach.


    With the right guidance and technique, meditation will make you more empowered (not passive or spaced out).


    Meditation will teach you how to use your mind more effectively, and how to be more in control of your mental and emotional states.

    Maybe deep down I don’t want to overcome anxiety, because I feel it is protecting me…


    This is a narrative that holds many people back—I call it “the anxiety lie”. It is a form of self-sabotage. It keeps the wheel of anxiety spinning without end.


    There is danger in the real world—and it would be naive to live as if there was no danger. But it’s much less than your anxiety trip tries to convince you of. More often than not, you are putting up this shield against an imaginary danger.


    The problem is that using this heavy shield comes with a cost. Its handles are full of thorns, so you bleed whenever you bring it up.


    The solution, then, is to not carry around the shield of anxiety all the time. You’ve tried that, and it’s costly.


    Be a cautious person, yes. But don’t spend all your time looking for dangers to defend yourself against; nor should you trouble to defend yourself against every blow of life. You are stronger than that!


    Shift from trusting in your anxiety as a protective mechanism to trusting your resilience. Trust yourself, not your fear. You are stronger than you may think.

    Drop your shield. It is hurting you more than it is saving you. Give yourself a chance to try something different. You will not be disappointed.

    Have a question about the program?

    Email me any time and I’d be happy to help.

    I was using the Headspace app, but wanted to take the next step in my practice. Giovanni’s program was incredibly helpful.


    Now meditation is the way I start my day. It brings me clarityserenity, and it helps me to center myself… which is really important because, as a mom with three kids, things can get quite chaotic at times.


    This is the quiet time that I really needed.


    Mindi Rosser

    I wanted to calm my mind, be able to hear my true voice, better control my emotions. Giovanni’s course helped me build self-discipline, and also gave me skills to deal with negative emotions. I am now a calmer and more mindful person. When negativity comes up, I have some extra spaceinside of me to decide.



    Giovanni’s course gave me hope and inspiration while all I could feel was frustration and desperation. I follow many teachers, but Giovanni is unique. He gave me effective strategies that help me carry myself through the bullshit and towards my goals. I have also learned how to work with my mind.



    Giovanni's work is comprehensive, engaging and masterful. I have researched meditation for years but have never found the kind of simple and clear information that he gives. I wish I had found Giovanni's methods 30 years ago… It would have saved me a huge amount of time and frustration.



    Your meditation course helped me learn to forgive myself and accept 

    my limitations. I also learned to have some compassion for myself and others. I’d recommend this course to anyone who needs a more structured approach to meditation.

    Luca G.


    The meditation techniques I’ve learned have helped me increase my concentration, awareness, relaxation, and also have helped in reducing stress. Beyond all that, meditation is now helping me find a deeper meaning in life. Your work is fantastic!



    I’ve been waiting to get started in this meditation journey for most of my life. Your course was exactly what I needed—an excellent way to get started and progress little by little, day after day. My focus and concentration are now much stronger.

    Dr. Joel


    I’ve purchased a number of meditation programs online, along with a bunch of books and even learned TM at Maharishi UniversityNone of them compares with the impact of your course. I’m feeling very grateful to have found you.



    I feel sad that this course is almost over now. I have learned so much more than I thought. I had done Deepak Chopra'smeditation lessons, but this is so much more in-depth and more of what I need. I can’t thank you enough for your course!



    I’ve been teaching meditation for the last 20 years. Nevertheless, I’ve learned a huge amount from Giovanni’s work. It’s incredibly comprehensive. He not only teaches you meditation, but also explains how to integrate it into your daily life.



    Join Limitless Life

    Your Life, Your Choice

    We are now at a crossroad. There are two options.


    The first option is to postpone. To “think about it”, or pretend it’s not there. To hope that things will get better by themselves, over time. Or to tell ourselves a story that it’s not our fault, and it’s not so bad, and there is not much we can do to change.


    The second option is to see fully where we are, and to own it. To understand that there is a big opportunity to grow, to be more peaceful and content. To have clarity about the advantages of self-care, and costs of not learning these tools.


    Our life is the result of our choices.


    Which life do you want to create for yourself? The anxious life, or the centered life?


    Anxiety is a big deal. Stress and fear are a big deal. These things prevent us from being our best self, achieving our goals, and being happy here and now. They harm our health and relationships.


    Life with less anxiety is possible. But for that you need to take a step, to do things differently.


    “Insanity is doing the same thing

    over and over again

    and expecting different results.”

    A life with less anxiety, and more self-mastery, is possible for you.


    Limitless Life will help you get there, if you are ready to invest a dollar a day, and some minutes of your time.


    There is more than a $1,400 worth of material in this program. But to make it more accessible for people—in line with my mission—I make it all available for an affordable membership.


    I am inviting you to try something different today—to take care of your mental fitness. To have less mental noise, and live more fully. To take a step to master your mind, and master your life.


    Join now. You have nothing to lose.

    If for any reason you are not happy with the program, then I’ve got you covered with a 30-day money back guarantee.


    Simply ask for a refund in the first month, and you will get your money back. The only thing I ask is that you have actually tried the course, and gone through at least the first eight lessons.


    No guesswork needed. Zero risk.


    So click the enroll button to start this journey into calm and centered! The benefits will be greater than you think.

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    Limitless Life Courses

    • Meditation
    • Letting Go
    • Anxiety Management
    • Stress Management
    • Overcoming Fear
    • Deeper Sleep in 21 Days

    All Courses + Coaching


    Monthly Membership, USD.

    Limitless Life Courses

    • Meditation
    • Letting Go
    • Anxiety Management
    • Stress Management
    • Overcoming Fear
    • Deeper Sleep in 21 Days

    Individual Coaching (private)

    • One call a month (30-minutes)
    • Email Access