Master Your Mind (Intermediate)


Find Your Best Meditation

Do you know what is the ideal

meditation technique for you?


Are you practicing in a way that is optimal for your unique personality and  goals?


Do you feel there is more to meditation than what you are experiencing right now?



When most people think of meditation techniques, what comes to mind  is either watching the breath, or repeating a mantra. Those  techniques are great, and they do work for some people—but not for everyone


Maybe those practices even “work ok” for you, but until you experience the richness  of meditative practice, you can’t know if there isn’t a more effective technique out  there for you.


The good news is that meditation is an incredibly vast and flexible practice.


There  is a great variety of methods developed by different contemplative traditions over more than 3,000 years. They were developed not because the monks were bored, but because different people have different needs and temperaments.


Some techniques…

  • may make you feel too passive; while others may energize you.
  • make you feel more centered; while others make you feel more spaced-out and detached.
  • are more suited to improve work performance; others may be better for exploring the spiritual dimension of meditation.
  • are easier for people that are more visual by nature; while others go
  • smoother for people that are predominantly auditory or kinaesthetic


So there is no “one size fits all” in meditation. Yet that is the way meditation is often taught. Most teachers and courses teach you only one or two techniques…


In fact, it is safe to say that there are as many meditation techniques as  there are different types of sports and diets. Now imagine the problem if everyone is only taught either basketball or running… Or if everyone was given the same type of food, regardless of their tastes, blood type, and allergies…

Finding The Right Technique is Essential

While most meditation techniques share a great number of common benefits, there is still a big difference between practicing a technique that works for you and practicing a technique that is optimal for you. Just like there is a big difference between an “ok job” and your ideal job, or an “ok apartment” and your ideal apartment.


One technique may allow you to experience the peace, focus, and the other benefits of meditation much more easily than others. It may feel more natural and more enjoyable. But you won’t discover which one it is unless you experience with a few of them, in a systematic way, with proper guidance and support.


In the past years I’ve been in a journey to research, experiment and discover the ideal technique for me. Along the way my meditation improved substantially, and I learned a lot of interesting things. Many of these are things that hardly anyone else talks about.


Anyone with the same amount of dedication, discipline, and motivation

as me, could run the same experiments by themselves, unaided. However, digging through dozens of books, podcasts, and articles all on your own, traveling to retreats and visiting different masters is not a practical option for most people.


That is why I’ve decided to put all this experience and research into a step-by-step framework, so that you also can experience the richness of meditation styles, and take your practice to the next level.


My approach is non-sectarian, as always. All meditation techniques are equally good; but not all of them are equally good for you. Finding the right technique makes a big difference.

The Power of Meditation

Why is meditation so powerful and so needed? In a nutshell: because your mind is not always your friend. It often behaves like a mean boss.


Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. Your most personal tool. It’s where all your problems live. It is also where you can find solutions, inspiration, happiness, and other amazing things.


The problem is that the mind can often be unruly, noisy, distracted, and full of self-defeating thoughts and destructive emotions. Your mind tells you what it thinks is true or not; it tells you what to do, and how you should feel. It’s almost like it has its own separate agenda.


What is the result of this? Suffering, in a variety of forms.


Meditation is like pressing the pause button and stopping all this madness. It empowers you to see clearly what’s happening, and to understand yourself. With this you gain the ability to make better choices, to stop creating suffering for yourself and others, and to enjoy emotional well-being. You gradually develop mastery over the mind.


Millions of people meditate every day. Top performers in many different fields meditate. Why do they do that, and why should you?


Quite simply, because meditation helps you to:

  • Reduce feelings of anxietystress, and being overwhelmed
  • Get greater clarity of mind and perspective in life
  • Turn off the mental chatter and experience peace of mind
  • Feel emotionally wellcentered, and happy.
  • Become more resilient to challenges in relationships and life
  • Be liberated from fears and needless worries
  • Be less reactive, less irritable, less triggered
  • Be more empowered to be yourself and manifest your potential
  • Develop the ability to focus and avoid procrastination/distraction
  • Accept yourself, accept others, and accept things you cannot change
  • Grow and awaken spiritually


Imagine how your life would be if you could have more of that...

Meditation helps you improve your self-awareness, your ability to let go, and helps you gain mastery over your mind. That is why it facilitates all these changes.


Meditation is also a powerful cornerstone habit. Meditating daily makes it easier for you to have self-discipline and start other positive habits (like

exercise, diet changes, reading, etc).

Intermediate Meditation Course


In this 40-day online course, I’ll take you through a journey of learning 10 different meditation techniques.


The main objective of this program is to guide you to experiment several styles of meditation, thus broadening your understanding of this practice, and allowing you to choose your ideal technique. For this purpose, I have carefully selected key practices of meditation that deal with different aspects of our life — body, mind, breathing, sound, sight, feeling, and consciousness.


This course is organized in 10 Modules, each with short and easy to follow lessons (typically two-page long). Each Module comes with a studio-quality guided meditation audio, and follows the exact same structure:

  • First Day —> Technique explanation + Guided meditation
  • Second Day—> Teaching or theory related to meditation
  • Third Day —> Virtue development with the help of meditation
  • Fourth Day —> Review & Absorb the previous lessons


In the third lesson of each module, you will learn how your meditation practice can help you to develop personal qualities such as courage, tranquillity, focus, joy, and wisdom. These lessons also include practical exercises to further increase these personal strengths.


So this course will help you:

  • Explore 10 different types of meditation
  • Choose the ideal technique for you
  • Better integrate meditation in daily life through practices of breathing, acceptance, focus, witnessing, etc.
  • Develop 10 key personal strengths (virtues) related to meditation


Who is this for?


Everyone looking to explore the depth and richness of meditation practice, learn new ways to meditate, and find the ideal technique for them.


This course is a sequel to Master Your Mind Beginners Course, which was focused on developing a solid meditation habit. The beginner’s course is not a pre-requisite for taking and benefiting from this one. However, if you have no experience with meditation, or struggle to practice it consistently, I recommend you take the beginner’s course first.


Meditation is an amazing practice which has the potential to give you so much, and create deep transformation in your life. But the journey is much smoother and more pleasant if you practice with the optimal technique for you.


Are you up for enriching your meditation practice, and finding your ideal technique?


Master Your Mind Intermediate Course is the perfect toolkit to take you there. If you join the course and follow some simple steps, 40 days from now your meditation practice will be richer, deeper, and you’ll feel more confident about what you are doing. You will also have grown in 10 other aspects in your life, with the specific tools I share in the course.


By enrolling in this course you also get access to:


LiveAndDare is already the web’s most popular non-sectarian meditation blog, and my meditation articles get tens of thousands of shares. Every week, I receive heartfelt personal emails from readers telling me how what I wrote impacted their life. So you know what to expect in terms of quality. You will not be disappointed.


If for any reason you are unhappy with the course, then I’ve got you covered with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you feel that this course has not met your expectations, you can ask for a full refund. The only thing I ask is that you have tried the course, and gone through at least the first three modules.


So if you think that there is even the slightest chance that this course can

help you, then enroll right now. This way you can try the material over the

next 30 days, and see if it’s right for you.


No guesswork needed. Zero risk.


When you press that button, you will be taken to the course page, where you can create your user account and complete your enrollment.


I’ll see you in the Member’s Area!


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