Overcoming Fear of Failure


Live With Courage, Achieve Your Goals

Are you living your dream life?

Are you performing to your true potential?​

Do you have goals, desires, dreams and aspirations that have not yet seen the light of day?​

What is stopping you?​

It is fear! And it sucks, because fear actually keeps you unfulfilled, chained to an illusion of safety.

FEAR OF FAILURE is the product of our amygdala or the “lizard brain”. This inner lizard is behind many challenges you face in life – be it in your career, business, relationships, art or sports performance.

Some of these challenges are:

  • Procrastination
  • Avoidance
  • Self-sabotage
  • Feeling stuck
  • Low self-confidence
  • Negative self-talk
  • Lack of energy
  • Excessive perfectionism

Fear is hiding beneath these patterns (among others).

It’s one of the main enemies to living a fulfilling life. It’s a problem many people face, yet few are fully aware of.

And yet, until you overcome this internal obstacle, all your efforts will be like accelerating hard in a car that has its handbrake pulled up!

The MISTAKE I see most people make is this: they try to fix the symptom, rather than the underlying causes. For example:

  • We procrastinate, and yet think that better productivity tools will be the fix…
  • We avoid taking important steps in our personal or professional journey, and blame it on life, on the economy, and on lack of opportunities
  • We feel disengaged in life and put the blame on job, or our relationship, our family, or the stars
  • We feel unfulfilled and try to fix it by adding more things to our life, things that have nothing to do with the reason for our lack of fulfillment

If we can just accept and OWN the fact that we are afraid… then the real transformation is possible.

Throughout my life, I have invested a lot of energy, study, and experimentation to optimize my mental and emotional states. Overcoming all limitations, especially those imposed by fear and attachment, has been an area of focus for me.

I’ve read hundreds of books, I’ve practiced meditation daily for the past 18 years, I’ve gone on spiritual retreats and pilgrimages, I’ve spent time with monks and yogis. I’ve failed and gotten up hundreds of times. Finally, a radical transformation took place within me, and I have been living without fear ever since!

Now I feel privileged to be able to equally support you to overcome your internal barriers. Let’s have a look at how I can serve you in your journey.

What Can You Do?

#1 - Do Nothing

Once you realize that fear of failure is blocking your growth, your self-expression, and self-actualization, you then face the question, “What to do?”.

The first decision you could make would be to do nothing about it. Which is what most people do.

If you do nothing about your fear, about what is limiting you in life, then you likely won’t achieve much. You likely won’t experience much flow and fulfillment in your life. Your goals and ideal life will get postponed until the day you finally decide to work on dissolving this internal obstacle.

The day you make that decision you will have wished you had started it today!

By then you will have wasted more energy and suffered needlessly, rather than walking in the right direction now.

The number one regret of the dying is not having lived the life they wanted, not having taken the risks and not having followed their dreams.

By doing nothing to overcome your fears, you risk living an average life, a life of regret for missed opportunities, a life of wasted potential.

You risk putting in a lot of time, effort, and hard-earned money trying to achieve your goals while your subconscious mind sabotages your efforts behind your back.

That is the life many people live. At the end of the day, it’s your call; but you are here on this page, so that’s probably not what you want.

#2 - Google and Try by Myself

Another option is to try to overcome fear all by yourself, with what you find online for free.

The problem with this approach is that the information is all over the place and is often shallow. It would take a lot of your time to research, think about it, connect the dots, and find out what may or may not work for you. Besides, there is a great deal of conflicting information out there, and you don’t know who to trust.

You may dabble with questions like:

  • How do I know if I really need to overcome fear, or if it is actually useful for me?
  • How do I go through exposure therapy without hurting myself?
  • Do positive visualizations and affirmations work, or am I just fooling myself?
  • How can I integrate my brain with my higher goals in life?
  • How do I even find my higher goals?
  • What type of meditation will work for overcoming fear

If you have a lot of free time and want to run experiments on yourself, you may be able to eventually find some answers. But wouldn’t you rather save time and follow a program that can help you with an approach that has already explored the answers to these questions?”

#3 - Coaching or Therapy​

Another option would be to get one-on-one time with a qualified coach or therapist.

Once you find the right professional, purchase a package of sessions, and put in some hours, you will probably learn valuable tools for overcoming fear. You will also learn more about yourself, your true goals, and how your mind works—which is great.

The challenging part is finding the right professional. Unless you have a solid reference, you may spend some time shopping around, trying approaches that may not work for you. My advice would be to look for professionals who have personally overcome similar challenges and have done a lot of personal growth work themselves.

Also, consider that working through the issues of fear and self-sabotage with a coach or a therapist can easily cost thousands of dollars.

#4 - Online Video Training Program

A better option is to enroll in an online video course, where you can get the benefits of all the research work already done for you, and presented in a practical way with highly effective tips, strategies, and proven techniques.

This is more cost-effective than the coaching or therapy option. It will be less time-consuming and more effective than the “Google and try it all by yourself” option. And it’s definitely better than the “do nothing” option, which is really not an option if fear of failure is running in your subconscious!

Another advantage of a video course is that you have access to all the tools anytime, anywhere! The content is there to be absorbed at your convenience, at home or anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. The drawback in this approach comes only if the course doesn’t offer good support, or is incomplete.

This is the solution that I believe in, and I'm excited to share with you my work in this subject.

Overcoming Fear of Failure Course​

For several months I have researched into every single book and video course on fear of failure that I could find. I have read the top resources on the subject and deeply reflected on my own personal journey. All of this in order to distill all the lessons and techniques into a methodical, step by step course that you can use to overcome fear and unblock your life as well.

What You Are Getting

This is a 12-week Program. You can do it all in 2-3 weeks if you like; the 12 weeks is a recommendation if you want to take things step by step, and get the most out of every lesson.

There are over 40 lessons covering the principles, tricks, and techniques you need in order to overcome the fear of failure, to build up self-confidence, and to diminish negative self-talk. In other words, all the tools you need to create a foundation for real change and self-expression in your life.

The many techniques and transformative concepts contained within the lessons will fully support you on your journey of overcoming fear.

Among other things, you will learn:

  • The amazing 3OP Technique for rebalancing negative emotions
  • How to uncover the exact mindsets and emotions underpinning your fear
  • The rule of thumb for determining if your fear is limiting or empowering you
  • Exposure Therapy exercises that are safe and effective
  • How to face your worst fears, in such a way that they are no longer scary
  • The 7 Steps to Seeing The Bigger Picture
  • How to make good use of the fearful parts of your personality
  • How to develop a fearless mindset
  • The frameworks for using Affirmations and Visualizations effectively, and why many self-help authors get it wrong
  • Finding your life vision and your unique values/goals
  • How to use your breath as an emotional emergency relief button
  • Hacking your inner dialogues to be more loving and empowering
  • Using meditation as a tool to overcome fear

How It Works​

This course is down to earth.

It’s not airy fairy stuff like, “imagine you are on the beach and the waves are washing all your fears away“. It has practical tools that will help you overcome not only fear of failure but will also give you an effective framework and a set of personal development tools for life!


It will teach you practical techniques and mindsets to power through your life more fearlessly.


It’s not about feeling hyped; it’s about getting real results and transformation.


I’ve taken out the complications and made it really simple and straightforward. So that, no matter where you are along your journey, you will find powerful strategies to take the next step towards a life of more achievement, less worry, and less anxiety.


Unlike what others say, it is not "all about taking action", nor "all about mindset". Effectively overcoming fear is a combination of things.

If you have read my articles on the LiveAndDare blog you know how thoroughly I tackle every subject. In my blog, I always have the attitude that I’ll only write a post if I can make it better than anything out there (Google search rankings and readers’ feedback support that I have been accomplishing this).


My top posts on meditation have thousands of shares, and are being used by meditation teachers, mindfulness coaches, Psychology Ph.D. researchers, and other professionals. My guided meditations are often in the top 5 in the Insight Timer community – the biggest guided meditation platform out there. I still receive glowing testimonials on meditations every day. My book Practical Meditation, and my Master Your Mind meditation courses have helped many people find greater peace, control, and fulfillment in their lives—and that is why people are so enthusiastic about them!


In this Course on overcoming fear, I’ve put a lot of attention, deep thought, and hard work. I know this is more comprehensive than any other video course or book you can find. And if you prove me wrong, I’ll not only give you your money back but also give you free coaching to compensate! [More info on this in a minute.]


There is more to overcoming fear than simple motivational talks and mindset affirmations. It’s not only about a single technique or concept. You need to get to the root of fear, reprogram it, and then use tools to skillfully maintain the new programming. Most material on fear out there comes up SHORT on this point.


I have read the negative reviews of other “overcoming fear” products and learned what was missing. I’ve researched the top advice on overcoming fear for entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, and career experts. I’ve spent hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars purchasing other people’s books and courses, and thousands of hours in study, observation and experimentation.


All of this so you can have this wisdom easily digestible for you, in the comfort of your home. All for you to be finally well-equipped to say goodbye to your inner bully.


Finally, these lessons will help you not only in overcoming fear of failure but also in overcoming other types of fears and emotional blockages, such as fear of rejection, fear of disappointing, low self-esteem, and self-doubt.

Who This Course Is For

This course is not for everybody. This is premium training for those who want to invest in themselves.


Not for those who are:

  • not serious about overcoming fear
  • not willing to implement the changes needed
  • expecting magical, overnight solutions

Designed for those who:

  • are willing to invest in themselves and their dreams
  • felt some connection with the content of the first three videos
  • are aware that there is more to their life and want to live to the fullest
  • feel stuck, unfulfilled, lost, afraid of taking action
  • are aware that there is room for improvement
  • are willing to put in some effort to upgrade their mindsets
  • want to discover more about themselves and to better explore their potential

If you resonate with any of these descriptions, then this course is for you! I know it will make a positive impact in your life, career, business and relationships.

The Value of Overcoming Fear

Take a moment and imagine a life where you are...

  • not held back by the fear or anxiety of rejection
  • not held back by the words ‘but I can’t
  • not held back by self-sabotage and procrastination of your dreams
  • not held back by having your mind working as your enemy
  • not held back by lack of clarity about your values and direction in life
  • not held back by past painful events so strongly
  • not held back by the fear of rejection and fear of disappointing others
  • not held back by inability to see the bigger picture
  • not held back by unhelpful and disempowering internal dialogues
  • not held back by feelings of anxiety, worry, perfectionism, and shame

Imagine living a life where you:

  • don’t feel stuck anymore
  • know where you are going, and nothing internal stops you
  • feel the freedom to act on your goals, and take action
  • feel more confident and satisfied with yourself and your life
  • invest in the really important things in your life
  • have greater control over your mind
  • have more self-esteem
  • feel comfortable saying no to what doesn’t serve you
  • can see the bigger picture, rather than only the picture of fear
  • have healthier and superior motivations for your tasks
  • know how to deal with fear if it suddenly arises in important moments
  • live a richer, fuller, happier life
  • know how to gather real strength to change yourself and your life
  • know how to use meditation and breathing techniques to manage your mind and emotions
  • find satisfaction living a life in tune with your highest values and goals
  • What is the price of that shift?
  • What is the cost of not living that life?

You now have a better idea than most people about what fear of failure is, how it manifests in your life, the pains of not overcoming it. That is why I'm excited to offer you my Overcoming Fear of Failure online course.


So if you are serious about overcoming your fears, I highly recommend you jump in right now. This course is worth several hours of high-quality coaching, and you are getting it at a fraction of the cost.

What Others Are Saying

– Emma

I found the course to be highly motivating. All the tips on fear of failure and rejection, learning to retrain my brain, the affirmations and the breathing exercises helped me to see failure differently.

When I was around 30 years old, if people talked about fear, I would have completely denied that I have any fear. I was not living consciously and so I never knew of my limitations, nor did I understand the true reason for my sadness. I never understood the reason for my addictions 

towards smoking or drinking and didn’t know how to manage them.


With meditation, I realized that I was living a very limited life due to the “fears” that were wired in my brain during my upbringing. I was living in a free country but not in a free mind nor a free soul. It was my good luck that Giovanni offered a course on Fear.


This course is indeed in-depth and covers every aspect of fear, providing exercises to uproot the fears that are wired in us. In spite of the course being 42 lessons long, I did not get bored or exhausted.


Every lesson helped me uncover things about myself which were buried below my conscious mind. The tools and principles taught me to have better control over my life. I couldn’t stop myself smiling after every worksheet as I could see that the true freedom is out there available for me.


I now know that overcoming fear is one of the best things I can do for my growth and personal life.


Thank You Giovanni!


— Sanjeev Sethi (Software Engineer - San Francisco, CA)

Giovanni’s course gave me hope and inspiration while all I could summon for myself where frustration and desperation. I follow many mentors and teachers, but Giovanni has a unique background; he has first-hand experience and truly lives what he teaches.

I took a chance with Giovanni and after studying his perspective on failure and how to overcome it I gained a tremendous amount of insight and actionable strategies that help me carry myself through the bullshit and towards my goals.


A main take away that I learned was that failure is not defeat. Inaction is the true defeat. I have heard this before, but Giovanni powerfully conveys this message and made it a part of me. I have also learned how to work with my mind instead of against it. Fear is a powerful motivating force and through this course I have learned how to utilize this primal ability and make it work for me.


– Chris Argueta

I learned about your course in a crucial time in my life. I was struggling with my emotions. Fear was making me catastrophize, and I couldn't think clearly. I had a lot of decisions to make, some potentially life changing and I knew I would need some help with this. I was familiar with 

Giovanni's work and was impressed with his sincerity and depth.


Going through the course I realized that I was not alone. The course supported me through so many different aspects of my fear, and taught me the skill to stand back from a situation and not react, but to consider things unemotionally and without panic, then act purposefully. It definitely gave me both metal and emotional balance when dealing with the situation. This was a great confidence booster for me.

I thoroughly recommend this course—enrolling in it was definitely one of the best decisions I made.


The course was more than I could have expected. It covered all aspects of fear in depth, yet in manageable portions. It helped me understand more about myself, why I reacted the way I did, how to overcome my problems and see the bigger picture.


The course is done in an authentic and very sympathetic way. I always felt positive and safe throughout the program. I am now using the things I've learnt in the course all the time in everyday life, and will always return to it

— Julia Hardy (Company Director, London)

This Is For You!

I know this course can change your life, and I know its value.


You can enroll in this course, right now, by joining my Limitless Life Platinum membership.


By joining today you are getting full access to:


√ The full 12-Week Program, with over 40 lessons covering several proven techniques and practical exercises.


√ The ability to download the videos, audios, guided meditations, slides, transcriptions, and the PDF worksheet. Access the content anywhere and download for offline use. (Note: I will most likely not offer this feature for future launches of this course.)


√ My Master Your Mind meditation courses (Beginner and Intermediate) included in the bundle


√ All future updates of this course.


√ A complimentary iPhone & iPad app, with access to all the content + summaries and quotes to inspire your growth.

You will also be getting UNLIMITED email support for three years.


Yes, this means that for the next 1000+ days of your life you can send me an email anytime, asking any question about the content of the course, and get a personal response from me.


Some people may think I’m crazy for offering this much. Seriously, what coach, therapist, or mentor offers you three years of unlimited support at no extra cost?!?


I may not offer this again in the future, but for now I’m doing this. I want to make sure that you have plenty of support to make the best use of this course. You are joining a premium course, so you can expect premium service. This is your investment in yourself and your dreams.


So if you are serious about overcoming your fears, I highly recommend you jump in right now. This course is worth several hours of high-quality coaching, and you are getting it at a fraction of the cost. A no-brainer.


If for any reason you are not happy with the program, then I’ve got you covered with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Simply ask for a refund in the first month, and you will get your money back. The only thing I ask is that you have actually tried the course, and gone through at least the first eight lessons.


No guesswork needed. Zero risk.


So click the enroll button to start this journey into calm and centered! The benefits will be greater than you think.

Time to invest in yourself​

It’s time to conquer your inner bully once and for all! Make use of this opportunity so you don’t have regrets later.


Life is too short to be lived under fear!


Please don’t live an average Joe’s life. You have gifts to share, dreams to explore, goals to manifest!


So press the join button to go through the secure checkout process to get instant access.


I’ll see you in the Member’s Area!


Happy growing! 

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